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The Black Garlic Truffle – one of our fall flavors

“what” ; “seriously?” ; the elbow nudge and whisper, “look at that”

“does it taste like garlic” ; “awesome” ; “no thank you” ; “i’ll try it”

Just a few of the responses from our customers as they see the black garlic truffle in the candy case.  The initial shock is usually followed with an explanation that goes something like this:

Black garlic is fermented garlic which brings out the sweetness.  In the truffle you’ll find a molasses like richness and tangy garlic undertones cut with the bitterness of the 70% dark chocolate ganache. 


A little more detail: Black garlic is produced by fermenting garlic for three weeks.   The sugars and amino acids in garlic, when fermented produce melanoidin, a dark-colored substance that is responsible for the color.  It has a tender, almost jelly-like texture with a melt-in-your-mouth consistency similar to a soft dried fruit, which is melted into the cream and blended in our 70% dark chocolate ganache.  Unlike most of our truffles which are hand rolled and dipped in chocolate, the black garlic truffle is piped into a shell molded tear drop.  You’ll find a slightly softer ganache with just a bit more break in the chocolate shell.  Chef Geoff Schneider of The Traveling Peddler in Greenville, SC is the genius and inspiration behind this one.  His black garlic chocolate cake started it all. 

The Peanut Butter & Jelly truffle.

It will take you back to the elementary school cafeteria.  It starts with a layer of peanut butter ganache and is topped with a candied strawberry puree before being dipped in milk chocolate. 


If you always thought to yourself I love everything about PB&Js except the bread this truffle is meant for you.

Introducing the caramel pretzel crunch. Perfect blend of sweet, salty, chocolate,
& crunch. A masterpiece of our Dilworth chocolatier Mari. I’ll warn you – they dangerously addictive. http://ow.ly/i/k0Yu

People often walk in to the store for the first time and ask whats good or what should I try? “Everything” really isn’t too helpful so we thought we’d put together the first timer box – a collection of the must tries. What do you think should be in it? http://ow.ly/i/jU97

Fall Flavors

As you likely know we typically have 18 different truffle flavors in the candy case.  Usually 4 or 5 five of those we switch out for the season.  Some you see every year – like pumpkin or the soon to arrive creme de menthe.  Others are new experiments created out of great ideas we’ve seen or requests from customers.   This fall we have six seasonal flavors – many of which are completely new to our lineup.  For those who want to try one of each we created the six piece fall box.

Fall Flavors

 We’ll be telling you more about each over the next two weeks, but until then here they are:

Black Cherry,  Black Garlic,  Chai Tea

PB&J, Pumpkin, Tangerine & Coconut